President Obama descended from first black American slave John Punch
President Obama Descended from First American Slave, John Punch, on His Mother’s Side (

President Obama descended from America’s first black slave, John Punch, on his mother’s side, claims. John Punch had children with white woman who passed on her free status to them and changed their name to ‘Bunch

DNA analysis and marriage and property records have suggested that Obama is the 11th great-grandchild of John Punch, the first black slave living in colonial Virginia nearly four centuries ago. While it was known that Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, had European ancestors, researchers discovered she also had at least this one African American forebear.

The team from said they lacked definitive proof, but that evidence ‘strongly suggests’ the tie, which two independent genealogists told the New York Times was ‘sound’.

John Punch’s story stretches back to the mid-1600s; he was working as a servant when he escaped Virginia for Maryland in 1640, the Times reported.  Source: Daily Mail

Well, that’s interesting. Hey, could someone over at help me trace my mother’s family? The Hutchinsons from Haddington, Hanover?