Lil Wayne My Homies Still Video
Rapper Lil Wayne Releases Shocking Video Showing 12 Skeletons in a Theater One Day Before Aurora Shooting Rampage

Rapper Lil Wayne is coming under fire for a music video for his latest single, “My Homies Still,” with a scene where he and some friends are singing in a movie theater with 12 skeletons. Huh? Well, this was released Thursday and James Holmes went on his shooting rampage at the screening of the new Batman movie, “Dark Knight Rises” in an Aurora CO theater. I scarcely believe Lil Wayne’s video influenced James Holmes, since he accumulated the ammunition, guns and gear weeks ago.

The second line of the song makes reference to a semiautomatic gun, saying, ‘no click click,’ which was one of the guns James Holmes used during his shooting rampage, killing 12 and wounding 58, some still in critical condition. The video had a number of odd characters such as a pink elephant and dog-headed men alongside Lil Wayne and his collaborator Big Sean.

Um, why are all those kids in the video, considering Lil Wayne always uses so much profanity in his songs. Just so you see that the dumbing-down of America continues, the song debuted at 27th place on the Billboard R&B and hip-hop chart. It is the first single off his upcoming “I Am Not a Human II.”