Slovak Foreign Minister slams Mitt Romney:  Mitt Romney is trying to look presidential with on his first overseas trip, but has come across as a bumbling idiot. There has been one gaffe after another, from insulting the British over it being “disconcerting” that the UK may not be prepared for the Olympics, to calling the Labor leader Ed Miliband, Mr. Leader, to disclosing his meeting with Sir John Sawers, Britian’s spy chief. Of course, he has since flip-flopped.

But another smackdown came from Slovak Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Miroslav Lajcak, who said “people have moved on” over his claims that Obama spurned  Eastern European allies because he changed the missile defense plans. Miroslav Lajcak spoke with the Wall Street Journal in Washington, saying changing missile defense plans was a non-issue for his government:

People have moved on. We are in a different situation now. We are discussing a different project. I see no reason to revisit discussions from three years back.

It seems Mitt Romney’s team is failing him big time and this issue with the missile defense was put to rest a long time ago. If the Eastern European allies, including Poland, are behind Obama on his new plans, what’s the problem? Mitt Romney is George W. Bush two times over. In fact, this has been a non-issue for quite sometime. Mitt Romney needs to take Rupert Murdoch’s advice, lose the friends and get qualified people to run your campaign. He’s the Republican version of Joe Biden. #romneyshambles indeed!