U.S. wrestler Elena Pirozhkova lifts Michelle Obama
U.S. Wrestler Elena Pirozhkova Literally Sweeps Michelle Obama Off Her Feet at London Olympics (Twitpic Clarissa Chun)

First Lady Michelle Obama was swept off her feet, not by President Obama, but by U.S. wrestler Elena Pirozhkova, when the two met on Friday, as Mrs. O met with athletes at the Olympics to give them a team boost. Pirozhkova, a native of Russia who moved to the U.S. when she was three, asked Michelle Obama,  “Can I pick you up?”

“Even before she made the rounds I thought I can’t just hug her like everybody else,” she said. “I think she was nervous. I went slow. I just picked her up. I wanted to ask her permission. There was security all around. And she gave it. I will only meet her once. I wanted to do something different.” Source

Elena Pirozhkova stands at 5-feett-5 and competes in the 63 kilogram (approximately 138 lbs) category. The picture was captured and tweeted by fellow wrestler Clarissa Chun. I guess Michelle Obama will always remember Elena Pirozhkova, the woman who swept her off her feet. LOL.