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Ann Romney Says Mitt Romney Irons His Own Clothes, Shops at Costco for Shirts, Pandering for Votes? (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Awww,  Mitt Romney irons his clothes and shops at Costco. Give me a break. Is that to show that he’s one of us? Really? Ann Romney is trying too hard to pass her husband as Joe Six Pack. He’s not. Look, I personally like Mitt Romney and I believe he earned his money fair and square, but please don’t grovel for acceptance.  Would this be the same Mitt Romney who dropped $500,000 for Journey to perform at the Republican Convention this week? All Romney has to do is show us what he will do to fix the economy and stand up for women’s rights. Oh, I’m sorry, the extremist faction of the Republican Party, namely the social conservatives and Tea Party wingnuts are wreaking havoc on the party and forcing Mitt Romney to take a position other than his moderate stance on many issues.

Ann Romney said her husband ironed his own clothing the morning of their interview from the couple’s New Hampshire lake home and had done his own laundry the night before.

She also said he routinely cooked dinner and grocery shopped when her multiple sclerosis flared severely.

But when it comes to Costco, Mitt Romney isn’t the only one with a thing for the low-cost, bulk retailer.

“It’s great. Are you kidding? Have you ever been to it?” Ann Romney said in their interview, where she disclosed she has the whole Costco experience down to a science.

“I know how to shop Costco. You go in the door — I don’t want everyone to learn this trick — you go in the door, you take a sharp right and you go way down to the back of the store and just shop the outside of the aisles, and boom, boom, boom,” she said. Source

One one hand, Ann Romney is portraying her husband as Mr. Mom and on the other hand, he’s portraying himself as “Popeye the Sailor Man” with his “I am who I am” line. I have been pretty tough on Mitt Romney, particularly since he chose “Throw Momma from the Train” Tea Party darling Paul Ryan as his running mate, who has had a questionable record on women’s rights. You see, if I were to vote for Mitt Romney and he wins, becomes incapacitated, then we would have Todd Akin’s buddy as our president and no telling what he would do.

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