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Togo Women’s Group Calls for Week-Long Sex Ban to Demand Resignation of President Faure Gnassingbe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Togo Women’s Sex Strike:  Women from Togo have been called upon to refrain from having sex with their husbands or partners for a week to demand reform. The ban has been called by opposition coalition Let’s Save Togo, made up of nine civil society groups and seven opposition parties and movements, BBC reports. The groups are also calling for the resignation of President Faure Gnassingbe, the AP reports.

BBC: “Opposition leader Isabelle Ameganvi said that sex could be a “weapon of the battle” to achieve political change. ”

“We have many means to oblige men to understand what women want in Togo,” Ms Ameganvi, leader of the women’s wing of the coalition, told the BBC. She said she had been inspired by a similar strike by Liberian women in 2003, who used a sex strike to campaign for peace.

“If men refuse to hear our cries we will hold another demonstration that will be more powerful than a sex strike,” she added.

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