For some reason, I chose to ignore the daily morning newscast on television. I didn’t have any prior knowledge or extra sensory perception nor any fore-knowledge, I didn’t know that a quiet suburban neighborhood of West Bloomfield, Mich., was under siege as women in our society today have come under siege from politicians. I didn’t want to start my day with anything negative. I came across  a story of  a domestic violence  situation in a nearby town. As I sat waiting for my car to be serviced, I was moved by the news report of the  explosive violence unfolding.  I was shocked. I couldnt’ believe that what I had seen in communities  around the country had now hit home.

I am no stranger to violence. After all, as a survivor of domestic violence it stands to reason that I now advocate for an end to violence against women. Here on TV right in my own backyard was what I could clearly  see  was a case  of  violence against women. I knew immediately why financial executive Ricky Coley would barricade himself in his own  home. I knew it wouldn’t end well. Needless to say I won’t increase the pain of his survivors by outlining the details of what took place that Monday. But I do want to say we have created a culture of violence against women. Ringing  from political platforms  around the country , from the halls of power to to campaign stumps   it seems an open  war on women has been engaged.

Make no mistake about it, we’ve already won the war. We won in Roe v Wade, we won when we earned the right to vote, we won when we could choose who we love and how  we choose to become pregnant and we won when we can deterimine if terminating a pregnancy is in the best interest of mother and child .  It seems that rich and powerful men are determined to take us back to a time when we were powerless and had few  choices over  our reproductive rights.  If that’s not enough, imagine  a political candidate  running for president   being endorsed by an influential  religious leader who is quoted  as saying” since men can’t beat their wives anymore, might as well move to Saudi Arabia”  Unbelievable. This is violence against women.

Violence against women is real. We must work to end it. We must stop the violence.

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