Paul Ryan ex girlfriend Deneeta Pope an ex convict
Daily Mail: Paul Ryan’s Black Ex-Girlfriend Deneeta Pope is an Ex-Convict, Served Five Months for Wire Fraud

Now that we know Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan dated a black woman, her thrashing in the media has started, even though she didn’t tell the media about her relationship with the congressman. Well, the Daily Mail is reporting that Deneeta Pope is an ex-convict, who served five months in federal prison for wire fraud. You see, Paul Ryan won’t be the recipient of collateral damage from this, Deneeta Pope will be.

She served five months in prison after defrauding her employer Ernst & Young out of $77,000 in 1999, according to the federal Bureau of Prisons. Ms Pope admitted claiming funds from work to attend an educational course which did not exist.

The former cheerleader was indicted by a grand jury in November 1999, and two years later pleaded guilty to faking receipts and expense claims in order to steal tens of thousands of dollars. She would apparently transfer the fraudulently obtained funds to a secret bank account in Chicago, where she currently lives. Following her conviction, Ms Pope was sentenced to five months in federal prison, and was released in May 2002. Source:  The Daily Mail

I have to ask, how is this Paul Ryan’s fault? Deneeta Pope served her time and paid her debt to society. She deserves a second chance and should be left alone.