Mitt Romney buffoonish look on US embassy protests
LOL: Mitt Romney Foreign Policy Meltdown Based on a Lie, a Non-Existent ‘Apology’ (Pat Oliphant Go Comics)

COMMENTARY:  The lambasting of Mitt Romney for his ‘disgraceful’ slam against the Obama administration for an ‘apology’ that didn’t exist continues for another news cycle. To put it bluntly, Mitt Romney stepped into some deep shit and he may just blown his presidential aspirations, like John McCain did when he suspended his campaign briefly for the Wall Street meltdown, though he had said a few days earlier that the economy was fine. Yeah, President Obama dusted off an old attack tactic he used on John McCain — erratic and trigger-happy behavior — “shoot first, aim later.”

In case you have forgotten, Congressional Quarterly Today reported on August 21, 2008, that Obama “had sharply criticized McCain in a Wednesday speech in Virginia, saying, ‘We can’t have the same kind of shoot first and aim second (approach) in our foreign policy. We’ve got to have some kind of judgment in our foreign policy and restore our alliances around the world.'” In other words, Mitt Romney, like John McCain, lacks the temperament required for the presidency and that’s exactly where President Obama is heading with that characterization. That spelled doom for John McCain and it will for Mitt Romney, who seems ready to revive the Cold War.

While Romney is spewing venom, the protests, which started because of an anti-Muslim film, made by ‘Sam Bacile‘ and promoted by Romney supporter Terry Jones, has led to more protests in the Middle East. Mitt Romney ignored the fact that we lost a seasoned foreign diplomat, Chris Stevens, and three other Americans, who served their country overseas admirably. Something he and his sons know nothing about. The protests have since mushroomed, with the latest U.S. embassy coming under siege in Yemen. Hey, thanks Mitt Romney for “palling” with right wing extremists.

I might also add that former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld tweeted yesterday that Romney was right to point out that the embassy attacks were due to “America’s weakness.” Um, as the Daily Dolt rightly points out, there were twelve embassy attacks during George W. Bush’s presidency, which was the most of any president, including eight under Rumsfeld’s watch. So, you see, no matter how these Republicans spin this, a lot of the mess we are seeing now in the Middle East is thanks to George W. Bush’s ‘weak’ policies.

But not all that many other Republicans seemed excited about joining in. A few social conservatives did unveil a hitherto-unnoticed passion for the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom to make fun of religion. “It was disheartening to hear the administration condemn Americans engaging in free speech that hurt the feelings of Muslims,” said Senator Jim DeMint.

And, let’s see, who else. Donald Rumsfeld tweeted support. Party chairman Reince Priebus chimed in: “Obama sympathizes with attackers in Egypt. Sad and pathetic.” Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona said the embassy’s comment “is like the judge telling the woman that got raped, ‘You asked for it because of the way you dressed.’ That’s the same thing.”

On this side: Mitt Romney, a totally disgraced former secretary of defense, a person named Reince Priebus, and a new Republican rape comment. Two months to go and we’re rethinking our presumption that the Republican primary voters picked the most stable option. Source

There’s nothing to gloat about. I still have some issues with President Obama and the Democrats, but the momentum is on their side. People are slowly coming to the realization that Mitt Romney is a dumb-ass, who has a Cold War mentality in 2012 that is laughable at best.

Professor Paul Krugman reminds us on another gem about Mitt Romney to explain “Why the Vileness Matters”:

.. I’ve seen some comparisons between Mitt Romney’s position right now and that of George W. Bush after the Democratic convention in 2000, and by the numbers there is some resemblance. But what really happened in the final months of that election? The answer — not a popular one with journalists, but very obviously true to anyone who lived through it — was that the press took sides. Reporters liked Bush and didn’t like Gore, and as a result they treated Bush with kid gloves while gleefully passing on every smear against his opponent (“Gore says he invented the internet!” No, he never did).

That probably wasn’t going to happen this time in any case. But now Romney has really ensured that everyone in the news media, the GOP propaganda organs aside, is going to view him with distaste and alarm — as well they should. Romney could still win, but he has just made it even harder for anyone to consider him suitable for the job.

Rick Santorum, another right wing evangelical loon, said it best during a presidential debate — Mitt Romney was the worst candidate to go up against President Obama. That’s Mr. Multiple Choice AKA Mr. Shoot First, Then Aim. He has insulted our closest ally, Great Britain, appeared fawning to Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu, insulted the Chinese and the Russians. His campaign said Obama’s Middle East policy has been a disaster. Um, his foreign policy, that pesky distraction and “shiny object” would be the butt of jokes. Mitt Romney has made enemies already. Somehow, I need a Dramamine for this boat-ride. Mitt Romney’s shenanigans are just nauseating.