Obama empty podium performance
Chris Matthews Freaks Out Over Obama’s Empty Podium Performance at 1st Presidential Debate (Sodahead)

The folks over at MSNBC are freaking out over President Obama’s horrible performance at the first presidential debate. Ed Schultz looked visibly sick and Chris Matthews went off. Hey, Bill Clinton, Obama needed you to be the Explainer-in-Chief tonight. Personally, Obama was asleep. No wonder Michelle Obama looked apprehensive before the debate started. Mitt Romney steam rolled over Obama. Quite frankly, Jim Lehrer shouldn’t show his face again as a moderator in even a high school debate. Big Bird shouldn’t be all Mitt Romney cuts if he, wins. Jim Lehrer needs to be put out to pasture. I am sure Gwen Ifill would have done a better job.¬†Mitt Romney dissed President Obama by dismissing him as one of his sons.

Here’s Chris Matthews epic rant: