Mitt Romney Has Gerald Ford Moment During Over Obama’s Comments Morning After Benghazi Consulate Attack (Photo credit: hkfuey97)


President Obama won the second presidential debate at Hofstra University decisively and the performance was strong. Mitt Romney has Gerald Ford moment when he said the morning after the attacks on the U.S. consulate on Libya he didn’t call it a terror attack but went off on fundraising stops. Candy Crowley had to fact-check Mitt Romney mid-debate, saying that he did mention terrorism in his statement in the Rose Garden.

Romney tried to bully Candy Crowley and it backfired in a big way. She, like Martha Raddatz, did a superb job. Romney’s facts just don’t add up and I am glad President Obama pointed them out decisively. Romney also made a huge miscalculation when he talked about being for the 100 percent in his closing argument. Obama scored a knock-out when he ended by slamming Mitt Romney for his 47 percent insult.

Mitt Romney was very condescending and rude to Candy Crowley and as a woman, I find it appalling and shows him to be the bully that cut his classmate’s hair. In closing, what are “binders full of women?” That comment was made by Mitt Romney and it is trending on Twitter. President Obama turned it around!

Obama’s 47 Percent Smackdown:

Candy Crowley Fact-Checks Mitt Romney:

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