Woody Johnson NY Jets owner and Mitt Romney friend
NY Jets Owner Woody Johnson Would Take a Mitt Romney Win Over a Jets Winning Season (Photo credit: Bloomberg TV)
SHAME:  New York Jets owner Woody Johnson said a Mitt Romney win is more important than a Jets win. Um, so Jets fans are being played for fools by Johnson, a heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune. He appeared on Bloomberg TV’s Market Makers, when co-host Stephanie Ruhle asked him which was more important – a winning season for the Jets, or an election victory for Mitt Romney?

Johnson: ‘Well I think you always have to put country first. So I think it’s very very important – not only for us but in particular our kids and grandkids – that this election come off with Mitt Romney and [Paul] Ryan as president and vice president. Source

Woody Johnson is a Romney campaign finance co-chair, so his position shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it plays into Rupuert Murdoch’s comments that Mitt Romney should ditch his friends and hire qualified people to help run his campaign. Woody Johnson is dissing Jets fans, many of whom are in the 47 percent of Americans his homebody called deadbeats.