Mitt Romney waves white flag at Hispanics
Obama Campaign Ridicules Romney Waving White Flag at Hispanics over Status of Some Undocumented Immigrants (Attribution Unknown)

The Obama campaign is ridiculing Mitt Romney’s change on the status some undocumented immigrants granted a reprieve by an executive order from President Obama, saying his “immigration pivot raises more questions than it answers.”

“Romney’s latest immigration pivot raises more questions than it answers. He still has not said whether he would continue the administration’s policy that provides a temporary reprieve from deportation for young people who were brought here through no fault of their own,” said Gabriela Domenzain, director of Hispanic press for the Obama campaign.

News of Romney’s position on the work permits came after a slew of Democratic Senators touted a new report from the liberal Center for American Progress highlighting economic benefits of legislation known as the DREAM Act that would give a path to citizenship to many of the same people eligible for visas under the deferred action policy. Source

Romney is waving a white flag because Obama is trouncing him among Hispanic voters,  like he is among black voters.  The impreMedia-Latino Decisions tracking poll found President Obama with 71 percent of those Hispanic voters surveyed nationally, compared with 21 percent for Romney. So, trust me, this new position Romney is taking isn’t coming from a place of love in his heart, but from desperation.

Here are some key points to keep in mind about the state of the presidential race, excerpted from Plum Line:

* Offshore tactics increased Romney’s wealth: The New York Times does a deep dive into Romney’s finances and details that offshore arrangements and Bain tax avoidance strategies may have reduced Romney’s tax bills and “enhanced his income.”

* And Obama is only winning because he’s black: This George Will column perfectly captures the inability of many conservatives to understand how many swing voters view Obama.  (See our commentary here.)

* Here comes the flood of outside money: The Rove-founded Crossroads GPS is sinking $11 million into a new ad in multiple states hammering Obama’s stimulus for failing to bring down the unemployment rate. (Though Republicans are behind that, but why bother to explain, it would take too much time, like Paul Ryan says.)

* Obama leads in another national poll: Quinnipiac finds Obama leading Romney nationally among likely voters by 49-45. Crucially, Romney leads Obama by only 53-42 percent among whites — far short of the 60 or 61 percent he’d probably need to win. The two are tied on the economy, suggesting again that Romney’s advantage on it is gone.

The right wing just doesn’t get it that many Americans don’t see President Obama as a resounding failure and a disaster area, but instead blame the previous administration for many of the problems we face today. Um, Macy’s plans on hiring thousands for the holiday season. I wonder why? Mitt Romney and his band of rich marauders would have you think the economy is so horrible and things are still going bad.

Latest swing state polls:

Nevada: Obama 53%, Romney 42% (We Ask America)

Virginia: Obama 47%, Romney 39% (Roanoke College)