Colin Small voter fraud
Virginia Voter Fraud Case Expands to Focus on GOP Firm Strategic Allied Consulting Headed by Nathan Sproul (Photo credit: Colin Small/Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office)

Voter suppression, the GOP way:  The investigation into the arrest of Colin Small, an employee of GOP firm, Strategic Allied Consulting, took another turn. You will recall Colin Small was arrested on charges of dumping voter registration forms last month in Harrisonburg, Va. State officials are now probing whether the Strategic Allied Consulting engaged in voter fraud in key battleground states, the Washington Post reports. The firm is led by longtime GOP operative Nathan Sproul. Um, my guess is that Colin Small was part of a bigger problem. They need to look to the top.

Sproul’s firms and political consulting operations have faced questions over the past eight years, including investigations and formal charges of suppressing Democratic votes, destroying voter registrations and other election violations. The charges against Small came a month after voter registration work by a Sproul company prompted a fraud investigation in Florida.

Nine Florida counties reported in September that hundreds of voter registration forms submitted by Sproul’s firm contained irregularities such as suspicious, conflicting signatures and missing information. Source