Pastor Greg Griego and family killed by Nehemiah Griego
Nehemiah Griego to be Treated as Adult at Arraignment for Quintuple Homicide (father Greg Griego pictured in middle)

ALBUQUERQUE QUINTUPLE MURDER: ¬†The District Attorney’s office said teen gunman Nehemiah Griego will be treated as an adult at his arraignment for the quintuple homicide of his parents, Greg and Sara Griego, and his three siblings Zephania, Jael and Angelina.

Nehemiah Griego used a .22 caliber rifle and an AR-15 semiautomatic weapon to shoot his relatives. The guns were not obtained illegally.

Bernalillo County Sheriff Dan Houston says murder suspect Nehemiah Griego learned to shoot from his father, and the two often went shooting together with guns that were not kept locked up in the home. Source


The motive Nehemiah Griego gave police investigators for the shooting was that he was “frustrated with his mother” and had contemplated shooting for ‘some time’ and had also considered killing his girlfriend’s parents.

Nehemiah Griego waited five hours for his father to come home to shoot him. He shot his mother as she slept and his siblings were believed to be awake when he killed them.