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DNC Releases Video on Republicans’ Position on Sequester Now and Then (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The DNC is out with a new video mocking the Republicans’ position on sequester now and then. The video quite clearly shows continued GOP hypocrisy. The reality is that the sequester cuts are a ticking time bomb for the Republican Party, much like the debt ceiling wrangling was.

As Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) called out Tom Cole (R-OK) for his claim that President Obama is responsible for the automatic budget cuts set to go into effect if Congress cannot reach a budget deal by March, it was a piece of legislation, Budget Control Actwhich the latter lawmaker voted for, that is creating this stalemate. During 2011, the Republicans played hardball on raising the debt ceiling and that’s why we have the Budget Control Act.

As Ellison points out, Republican lawmakers brought the country to the brink of default while trying to extract devastating spending cuts from Democrats. The Budget Control Act was an eleventh hour deal to avoid an economic shutdown. Even so, the debt ceiling fight resulted in the nation’s first ever credit downgrade and $18.9 billion in wasted taxpayer dollars.

Essential government programs are already feeling the effects of the Budget Control Act; domestic spending in food safety, education, Social Security, and poverty assistance programs has plummeted to historic lows thanks to the act’s future spending caps. If Congress cannot come to an agreement by March, even more cuts will further cripple these already vulnerable programs. Source

In other words, if the sequester occurs, we will see steep defense cuts, among other cuts. Guess who will get the blame? Not President Obama, but the Republicans.

Keith Ellison calling out Tom Cole:

Watch the DNC video:

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