Marquis Jay pencil shavings emptied in mouth
8th Grade Student Marquis Jay’s Teacher Emptied Pencil Sharpener Shavings Into His Mouth (Photo: CBS)
A Boles Jr. High School teacher has been suspended after she emptied a pencil sharpener full of shavings into the mouth of Marquis Jay, an eighth grade student. Why did the teacher feel she had to resort to such extremism? Marquis Jay was reportedly leaning back in his chair at the Arlington, TX, school in January. He said, “I was sitting in class with my head tilted back and opening my mouth. The teacher came over and poured the pencil shavings in my mouth.”

The child’s mother, Deidre Brown, said the teacher should have been fired, not suspended. The school board issued a statement calling the incident “unacceptable.” The Arlington ISD director of communications Amy Casas said, ‘This incident is unacceptable and was immediately and fully investigated by the AISD when it occurred almost a month ago. The district took appropriate disciplinary action.” In other words, they don’t intend to do anything else.