Black Wedding Gap: The statistics are startling — fewer black men and women are getting married and 72 percent of black children are raised in single parent households. The Centers for Disease Control reports that 55 percent of black women and men have never married. What’s equally startling is that during slavery, black children were more likely to be in a two-parent household than today. We haven’t truly overcome, have we?

Author and journalist Gil Robertson says in his new book, “Where Did Our Love Go?” says the black community is going through a crisis by not getting married. Is it truly a crisis? The problem confronting the black community is multifaceted and involves a lot of issues — education levels, income levels, commitment levels and yes, we have to look at the incarceration rates of black men. It’s great to be married, but what if you are married to the wrong person and in a toxic relationship? That’s certainly not beneficial to the black community or any community for that matter.