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FL Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll Resigns Amid Federal Probe into Internet Cafes(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BREAKING NEWS:  Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll resigns over a federal investigation into an internet cafe company to which she has ties. The cafes allegedly have ties to gambling.  Jennifer Carroll is involved because a firm she owned, 3N & JC did consulting work for Allied Veterans and she previously starred in a commercial for the organization in 2010.  This is a mighty fall for a woman who insulted lesbians after being allegedly accused of having a tryst with another woman.

Carroll’s resignation was announced Wednesday, one day after she gave her resignation letter to Gov. Rick Scott. His chief of staff, Adam Hollingsworrth, said her resignation was spurred by an investigation into the Allied Veterans of the World.

Officials from that non-profit internet cafe company were recently arrested on racketeering charges. The owner was arrested Tuesday in connection to allegations that he made $290 million after supplying illegal gambling software in Florida and claiming the games’ proceeds would benefit a veterans group. Authorities also interviewed Carroll.

Carroll’s ties to the company were questioned when she was in the Legislature when she proposed a bill that would benefit Internet cafes. Source

The Florida Times Union reports the Allied Veterans investigation isn’t the only bad press Jennifer Carroll has had:

In 2011, the Times-Union reported that Carroll used falsified documents to make her firm eligible for a Jacksonville program that offers grants to minority-owned companies. Her firm was located in Clay County, but relied, in part, on falsified lease documents to appear based in Jacksonville, which was a program requirement.

Additionally, former Carroll aide Carletha Cole was arrested after being charged with giving a reporter a recording of a secret conversation between her and Carroll’s chief-of-staff.

The case has brought a lot of unwanted attention to the Scott administration. In court filings, Cole has accused Carroll of having an inappropriate relationship with another female staff member.

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