Tyga, an American rapper.
Harvard Students Protest Rapper Tyga Headlining Yardfest Festival Over “Explicitly and Violently Misogynistic” Songs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

HARVARD STUDENTS PROTEST RAPPER TYGA:  Student organizers at Harvard University are crying foul over rapper Tyga headlining Yardfest spring festival, with more than 1,800 students signing a petition to block his performance, calling his songs sexist and offensive to women.

Senior Leah Reis-Dennis, who launched the petition, told WCVB, “I was deeply offended and disturbed by the content because it’s sexist and violent. I thought I was wrong that Harvard would give it such a big platform.”

Some students don’t agree with the petition, which describes Tyga’s lyrics as “explicitly and violently misogynistic,” WCVB reports.


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