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NBCUniversal’s South African Network Apologizes for Airing Obituary About Nelson Mandela’s Death. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NBCUniversal’s South African division, Universal Networks apologizes for airing Nelson Mandela obituary, entitled “Remembering Madiba 1918-2013.” Wow, how incredibly insensitive!

The anti-apartheid legend was admitted to a Pretoria hospital last week with a recurrence of pneumonia. The president’s office continues to indicate that he is improving, saying, “his doctors say he continues to respond satisfactorily to treatment and is much better now that he was when he was admitted to hospital” and “he has been visited by family and continues to make steady progress.”

Running the clips were in poor taste and Nelson Mandela deserves better than this. Why am I not surprised it was a network connected to a U.S. media company that jumped the gun? It’s shameful that they have this clip ready for when Nelson Mandela, 94, dies. The network issued a statement apologizing for the “technical error” and said it regretted the “alarm and offense” caused by the mistake. The statement also said, “like any international broadcaster, Universal Networks holds¬†obituaries ready for every major statesman in the world.”¬†

There’s no need to start the race to see who get issue a Nelson Mandela obituary first, he’s still with us. Let him live the rest of his life out in dignity and not start inciting hysteria in South Africa and across the world.

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