The Scottsboro Boys, with attorney Samuel Leib...
‘Scottsboro Boys’ to Get Posthumous Pardons 80 Years After Falsely Convicted for Raping Two White Women. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘SCOTTSBORO BOYS’ TO GET POSTHUMOUS PARDONS: The Scottsboro Boys are set to get posthumous pardons more than 80 years after they were accused of raping two white women in Alabama in the early 1930s. With the exception of one teen, all were convicted by white juries and sentenced to death row on false allegations. They were eventually freed, their lives were snatched away from them because they missed out on may opportunities, such as getting an education and marriage.

The Alabama House and Senate have voted unanimously in favor of a bill to posthumously pardon the Scottsboro Boys and Gov. Robert Bentley is expected to sign it. The Bill, SB97, is dubbed the Scottsboro Boys Act.

Is it a little too late? That depends on who you ask. The NAACP said it’s a step in the right direction, but now we are grappling with the Supreme Court case brought by Shelby County challenging the Voting Rights Act.

Scottsboro Boys posthumous pardons accused of rape by Ruby Bates and Victoria Price
Ruby Bates and Victoria Price accused Scottsboro Boys of Rape

The names of the Scottsboro Boys are:  Olen Montgomery (age 17), Clarence Norris (age 19), Haywood Patterson (age 18), Ozie Powell (age 16), Willie Roberson (age 16), Charlie Weems (age 16), Eugene Williams (age 13), and brothers Andy (age 19) and Roy Wright (age 13). They were accused of raping Ruby Bates and Victoria Price.


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