Jim Inhofe, United States Senator photo portrait.
GOP Sen. Jim Inhofe, Who Voted Against Sandy Aid, Says Oklahoma Aid ‘Totally Different’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sen. Jim Inhofe couldn’t sit back and watch Sen. Tom Coburn get all the attention for their position of holding tornado victims’ relief aid hostage in exchange for budget cuts. One word to describe James Inhofe — heartless.

He “rejected comparisons between federal aid for this disaster” and the superstorm Sandy relief package he voted against, the Washington Post reports,  saying it’s a “totally different” situation. Um, yeah, it’s different alright. One happened in New York/New Jersey, while the tornado occurred in Oklahoma.

He argued that the Sandy aid was filled with pork. If you call fixing roads pork, then I guess he’s right. When will these people recognize that there are elected to do the will of their constituents and not whatever they feel like doing? Jim Inhofe, Tom Coburn and others didn’t have a problem voting to approve two wars, among other things. This smacks of a terrible double-standard in Washington D.C.

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