Bill O'Reilly Goes After 'The View' Co-Host Sherri Shepherd During Ongoing 'Race Feud'
Bill O’Reilly Goes After ‘The View’ Co-Host Sherri Shepherd During Ongoing ‘Race Feud’

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly dug in for yet another day on his views of what ails the black community. He tore into ‘racial charlatans’ Rev. Al Sharpton and Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson, who have ripped him over his commentary last week. O’Reilly singled out rapper Jay Z, basically saying he managed to become wealthy in a country he called ‘racist.’

Bill O’Reilly also went after The View’s Sherri Shepherd, who told Don Lemon on Monday that she didn’t like how he appeared to make his comments on race legitimate, since, “O’Reilly didn’t grow up as a young black boy and doesn’t understand the experience.” To that, O’Reilly fired back: “If she’s honest then she would have to keep quiet during 75 percent of the topics on The View, because she’s not a white woman and can’t possibly know that experience. How foolish is this?!”