Freshman Patrick Sharp Starts 'White Student Union' at Georgia State University
Freshman Patrick Sharp Starts ‘White Student Union’ at Georgia State University

An informal “White Student Union’ was started at Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta, the AJC reports.  Freshman Patrick Sharp started the club to “serve as a place where students of European and Euro-American descent can celebrate their shared history and culture.”

Sharp also said the group would discuss issues that affect “white people, such as immigration and affirmative action.” The club isn’t an official group recognized by GSU. Sharp told the AJC that he would work with other clubs such as the Black Student Alliance on common issues:

Georgia State is highly diverse, with whites comprising 38 percent of the student body, followed by blacks at 35 percent, Asians at 12 percent and Latinos at 7 percent.

“If we are already minorities on campus and are soon to be minorities in this country why wouldn’t we have the right to advocate for ourselves and have a club just like every other minority?” said Sharp, 18, who is from Birmingham, Ala. “Why is it when a white person say he is proud to be white he’s shunned as a racist?”