Did Pilots on President Evo Morales' Plane Ask Vienna Air Traffic Control for Permission to Land?
Did Pilots on President Evo Morales’ Plane Ask Vienna Air Traffic Control for Permission to Land? (AudioBoo)

Do  radio communications from Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plane tell the true story as to why he was rerouted to Austria? The Washington Post reports that audio has been posted purportedly taken from the flight’s radio communications, that shows pilots called in  to Vienna air traffic control requesting permission to land. The pilot reported said, “We need to land because we cannot get a correct indication of the fuel indication – we need to land.”

According to Bolivian officials, the flight diverted to land in Vienna because European countries they were to pass through had revoked their permission to fly over or perhaps to stop for refueling. The Bolivians charged this was because those countries suspected NSA leaker Edward Snowden may have been on board. And, indeed, Austrian officials said they conducted a routine search of the plane and passport check.

But the Bolivian narrative appears to be contradicted by European officials, some of whom have said Morales’s plane always had permission to enter their airspace. Source: Washington Post

Here’s the audio from the Washington Post: