Sen. Rand Paul's Staffer Jack Hunter Exposed as White Supremacist, Pro-Secessionist Radical
Sen. Rand Paul’s Staffer Jack Hunter Exposed as White Supremacist, Pro-Secessionist Radical (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Surprise, surprise — Jack Hunter, a Rand Paul staffer, has been exposed as a white supremacist, pro-secessionist radical:

Jack Hunter, who co-authored Rand Paul’s 2011 book and now directs new media for the Kentucky senator, has a past alter ego as the “Southern Avenger,” a provocative radio personality known for wearing a luchador mask emblazoned with the Confederate flag and for making outrageous comments about race and Southern secession, Alana Goodman of the Washington Free Beacon reveals today.

As the arguably white nationalist Southern Avenger, Hunter praised the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, saying he “raise[s] a personal toast every May 10 to celebrate John Wilkes Booth’s birthday,” compared Lincoln to Saddam Hussein, and suggested the great American president would have had a homosexual relationship with Adolf Hitler, had the two ever met. He also advocated against Hispanic immigration and in favor of white pride, warning that a “non-white majority America would simply cease to be America.”

Prior to that, Hunter was a prominent neo-Confederate and pro-secession activist, serving as a chairman in the League of the South, which, according to its website, “advocates the secession and subsequent independence of the Southern States from this forced union and the formation of a Southern republic.”

Of course, Rand Paul tried to rewrite history when he spoke at Howard University earlier this year. No surprise there.  Rand Paul palling around with racists, no surprise there. This is no shock to me. Ron and Rand Paul have always been intertwined with white supremacy. Racist grifters, like father like son.

Read Alana Goodman’s article in the Washington Free Beacon.

Rand Paul staffer Jack Hunter AKA Southern Avenger
Rand Paul staffer Jack Hunter AKA Southern Avenger (Southern Avenger website)

Here’s an interesting take from the Washington Post on Jack Hunter, AKA Southern Avenger:

It’s not clear how close Hunter is to the senator. He describes himself as Paul’s new media director (and the senator’s office has not disputed that description.) According to a recent Washington Monthly article, Hunter has been advising Paul on foreign policy. In addition to his current work for the senator, Hunter helped Paul write a 2011 book, “The Tea Party Goes to Washington.” But on his Web site and radio show he clearly speaks for himself (as when he endorsed Mark Sanford in the May South Carolina special election).

“My entire adult life I’ve defended the Old South and the southern cause in America’s bloodiest war. Not because I support slavery or racism but despite it,” Hunter says in one 2011 video.