Report:  NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Accepts Venezuela's Asylum Offer
Report: NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Accepts Venezuela’s Asylum Offer

US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden accepts Venezuela’s offer of asylum, senior Russian politician Alexei Pushkov reportedly tweets.

Alexei Pushkov’s tweet did not clarify how he learned of Snowden’s purported acceptance, but Pushkov has acted as an unofficial point-man for the Kremlin on the Snowden affair, the AP reports. I have been looking for the actual tweet from Alexei Pushkov and can’t find it. Reuters is quoting his tweet though. Will Cuba allow Snowden to transit through Havana or will a Wikileaks supporter provide a private plane for him to circumvent U.S. and European air space to get to Venezuela? Better yet, will Nicolas Maduro send a plane to get Snowden? To be honest, one part of me hopes Edward Snowden will stay safe, but on the flip side, he stole classified information and knew the consequences. I don’t believe he will be safe in Venezuela, which is grappling with its own economic woes, thanks to Hugo Chavez and now Nicolas Maduro.

“Predictably, Snowden has agreed to [Venezuelan President Nicolas] Maduro’s offer of political asylum. Apparently, this option appeared most reliable to Snowden,” Pushkov, the head of the lower house’s Committee on Foreign Affairs tweeted.

However, the post was deleted from the MP’s page on the microblog just minutes after it appeared.

“Information about Snowden accepting Maduro’s offer of asylum comes from [Russian TV channel] Vesti 24 newscast at 18:00. Contact them for all questions,” Pushkov tweeted shortly afterwards. Source: Russia Today

See the alleged deleted tweet here:

Alexei Pushkov deletes tweet on Edward Snowden accepting Venezuela's asylum offer
Alexei Pushkov deletes tweet on Edward Snowden accepting Venezuela’s asylum offer (Russia Today)