Robert Zimmerman said President Obama’s speech on the racial fallout over his brother’s acquittal in the murder of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin, was ‘sincere’ and we needed to hear from the president.

Speaking on Fox News, Zimmerman said he thought Obama raised some valid points about the need for the nation’s law enforcement officials to be better trained in racial sensitivity.

“You know, I think the American people wanted to hear from the president,” Zimmerman said.

“I think the president took his time with his remarks, and it was about time they heard from him. I know a lot of people were expecting to hear from the president, and I’m glad he spoke up today.”

Zimmerman praised Obama for suggesting that the Justice Department work with state and local law enforcement to “reduce the mistrust” toward police in the black community.

“So I think that he made some good points about training law enforcement. He talked about a program that had worked,” Zimmerman said.

“You know, I think the president was speaking off the cuff, and I think he was very sincere in his remarks,” Zimmerman said. Source: The Hill

Robert Zimmerman Jr.’s comments come shortly after he claimed the government may have tapped his family’s phones and his usual thrashing of Trayvon Martin. Um, did he finally get the memo that his ugly rhetoric was only inflaming Trayvon Martin’s supporters? Or did he see how the teen’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, are handling the disappointing verdict and the murder with such grace?┬áIn case you have forgotten how much Robert Zimmerman Jr. has thrashed Trayvon Martin and his family, here’s a tweet he sent comparing the teen to accused babykiller DeMarquise Elkins:

Robert Zimmerman Jr. sends out racist tweet about Trayvon Martin
Robert Zimmerman Jr. sends out racist tweet about Trayvon Martin