SMH: Swedish Professor Stefan Svallfors Nominates Edward Snowden for Nobel Peace Prize
SMH: Swedish Professor Stefan Svallfors Nominates Edward Snowden for Nobel Peace Prize

SMH:  Stefan Svallfors, sociology professor at Sweden’s Umeå University, has nominated fugitive NSA leaker Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize. Why stop there, let’s nominate for an Oscar Award too for the movie-like narrative he’s living as we speak. Wow, let’s just compare the work of Edward Snowden to Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and others. Hubris.

Here’s Stefan Svallfors’ letter in its entirety (Google Translate):

Best committee members!

I suggest that the 2013 Peace Prize awarded to the American citizen Edward Snowden.

Edward Snowden has – in a heroic effort at great personal cost – revealed the existence and extent of the surveillance, the U.S. government devotes electronic communications worldwide. By putting light on this monitoring program – conducted in contravention of national laws and international agreements – Edward Snowden has helped to make the world a little bit better and safer.

Through his personal efforts, he has also shown that individuals can stand up for fundamental rights and freedoms. This example is important because since the Nuremberg trials in 1945 has been clear that the slogan “I was just following orders” is never claimed as an excuse for acts contrary to human rights and freedoms.Despite this, it is very rare that individual citizens having the insight of their personal responsibility and courage Edward Snowden shown in his revelation of the American surveillance program. For this reason, he is a highly affordable candidate.

The decision to award the 2013 prize to Edward Snowden would – in addition to being well justified in itself – also help to save the Nobel Peace Prize from the disrepute that incurred by the hasty and ill-conceived decision to award U.S. President Barack Obama 2009 award. It would show its willingness to stand up in defense of civil liberties and human rights, even when such a defense be viewed with disfavour by the world’s dominant military power.


Stefan Svallfors
Professor of Sociology at Umeå University

Alexei Pushkov, the head of the International Committee of the Russian State Duma, said that the US won’t let Nobel Peace Prize go to Snowden. He tweeted, “Not in a million years will the United States allow Snowden to get the Peace Prize. But his nomination is significant. Many in the West see him as a champion of democracy:”