Glenn Greenwald's Boyfriend David Miranda Begins Leak Action Over UK Detention
Glenn Greenwald’s Boyfriend David Miranda Begins Legal Action Over UK Detention (Photo credit: UK Guardian)

Glenn Greenwald’s partner, David Miranda, has commenced legal action against U.K. authorities to stop the inspection of his confiscated laptop, memory sticks, DVDs, game consoles and cell phone.

Miranda’s lawyer Gwendolen Morgan said her client was seeking a judicial review of the legal basis for his detention at London’s Heathrow airport on Sunday under anti-terrorism laws and wanted assurances from the authorities that property seized from him would not be examined before this.

“We’ve sought undertakings that there will be no inspection, copying, disclosure, transfer or interference in any other way with our client’s data pending determination of his judicial review,” Morgan told Reuters. “We’re waiting to hear back this afternoon from both the defendants. Failing that we will be left with no option but to issue urgent proceedings in the High Court tomorrow.”

She said the “letter before action” had been sent to London’s police chief and the Home Secretary. It also demanded that they detail whether Miranda’s data had already been passed on to anyone else, and if so, who that was and why. Source: Reuters

The Guardian maintains that the threat to journalism is real, as a result of the actions of the British authorities under Section 7 of the Terrorism Act. You think?