Reince Priebus: Mitt Romney's Self-Deportation Comment 'Racist' and 'Horrific'
Reince Priebus: Mitt Romney’s Self-Deportation Comment ‘Racist’ and ‘Horrific’

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus condemned Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) ugly and racist rhetoric an immigration, but would love to have the biggest pushers of divisive racial politics, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, as moderators for presidential debates.

Priebus even went as far as to throw Mitt Romney under a bus for his ridiculous ‘self-deportation’ comments, characterizing them as “horrifice” and “racist.” Funny how we never heard peep out of Reince Priebus about the ‘self-deportation’ comment that Romney uttered multiple times on the campaign trail. Now, it’s racist and horrific. I am guessing Priebus now believes the GOP is reaching out to black and brown voters since he made the statement. Think again.

The problem for Reince Priebus is that the self-deportation comment wasn’t simply owned by Mitt Romney. It’s in the Republican Party platform:

“We will create humane procedures to encourage illegal aliens to return home voluntarily, while enforcing the law against those who overstay their visas.” In addition, the current GOP platform declares that “State efforts to reduce illegal immigration must be encouraged, not attacked.” The laws its referring to, like Arizona’s SB 1070, are the at the core of the “self-deportation” concept as they’re designed to make life for undocumented immigrants so difficult that they decide to leave on their own accord.

So, the ‘horrific’ and ‘racist’ self-deportation rhetoric is exactly how the majority of the Republicans feel about illegal immigrants, particularly Latinos. Since, in their minds, there are no white illegal immigrants. Reince Priebus can tap-dance all he wants on the issue, Latinos won’t be voting for the Republican Party until that ‘racist’ view is no longer being pushed by their candidates. The reality is that we are on the verge of a Republican Party collapse for the 2016 presidential election.