Rush Limbaugh Blames Blacks Residents and Democrats for Detroit Bankruptcy
Rush Limbaugh Blames Blacks Residents and Democrats for Detroit Bankruptcy (Photo credit: Fox News)

Rush Limbaugh blames Detroit’s bankruptcy woes on black residents and the Democrats. He claims the large black population in Detroit caused a “white flight” from the urban center to suburbia.  Of course, lost on Rush Limbaugh is the fact that several other cities, with low black populations, met a similar fate as Detroit, but I guess, when in doubt, just blame it on black folks.

The conservative radio host told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Tuesday that civil rights protests in the ’60s caused white residents to flee, with the Detroit’s first African-American Mayor Coleman Young largely to blame for causing the unrest in 1967, according to Limbaugh.

“Detroit is left with nothing but liberal Democrats running it,” he said, adding the Michigan town was a “petri dish of everything the Democrat Party stands for,” with a preponderance of unions, pension and health care for people after they retire.

A review of the interview by ThinkProgress pointed out that Young didn’t become mayor of Detroit until 1973, several years after the riots in 1967. Source: NY Daily News

It’s interesting to note that the following cities filed for bankruptcy protection and had much lower numbers of black residents (H/T NY Daily News):

– Detroit 83% Black
– San Bernardino, Calif. 10% Black
– Mammoth Lakes, Calf. less than 1% Black
– Stockton, Calif. 1.1% Black
– Jefferson County, Ala. 41% Black
– Harrisburg, Pa. 53% Black
– Central Falls, R.I. 7.3% Black
– Boise County, Idaho 0.2% Black

Um, so continues Rush Limbaugh’s long walk to irrelevance……