Samuel L. Jackson Tweets 'Open Season' on Young Black Men in Ramarley Graham Case
Samuel L. Jackson Tweets ‘Open Season’ on Young Black Men in Ramarley Graham Case (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Actor Samuel L. Jackson warns that it’s ‘open season’ on young black men and the right wing freak-out of sorts has started. This is in regards to yet another case in which a black teen was gunned down. Ramarley Graham was killed by a white cop, Richard Haste, in the bathroom of his grandmother’s home more than a year ago because the officer thought he had a gun.

A grand jury investigating the case decided not to bring charges against Haste. The New York Times reports that the officer still faces a federal inquiry and an internal disciplinary review. Ramarley Graham’s parents have also filed a lawsuit against the police department. You see, the New York Police Department has a horrible history of police brutality against black males and I suspect Graham’s parents will prevail.

I covered the case when it first broke and I said that if Ramarley Graham was warned several times to stop running, then he should have done that. Officer Richard Haste said during more than five hours of testimony, that the teen was being pursued following a suspected drug deal and ignored repeated warnings to show his hands. A bag of marijuana was found in the toilet of his grandmother’s home.

I am very cynical when it comes to police officers implicated in officer-involved shootings. I am constantly reminded of Amadou Diallo, whose body was riddled with bullets and he had done nothing wrong. Abner Louima was the victim of police brutality by NYPD Officer Justin Volpe, who sodomized him with a toilet plunger. Volpe is still behind bars. Oscar Grant III was gunned down by former BART Officer Johannes Mehserle, who claimed he was reaching for his taser, when he shot the unarmed man. Elderly Atlanta resident Kathryn Johnston was gunned down in her home during a no-knock warrant and the cops lied about the whole affair, saying drugs were being sold out of her home. They are behind bars today. Graffiti artist Israel Hernandez-Llach died after being tasered in Miami Beach for spray painting a shuttered McDonald’s restaurant. The family is calling for an independent investigation into what happened. It seems that the police use excessive force first and then worry about the consequences later. The list goes on and on.