Report: NSA Can Tap Most Sensitive Data on iPhone, Android and Blackberry Smart Phones
Report: NSA Can Tap Most Sensitive Data on iPhone, Android and Blackberry Smart Phones

The National Security Agency (NSA) is able to tap user data from the iPhone, devices using Android and Blackberry, all previously thought to be highly secure. Um, think again. In the latest disclosure from Edward Snowden stolen documents, the NSA can tap most sensitive data on smart phones, including contact lists, SMS traffic, notes and location information about where the user has been, Spiegel Online reports.

The documents also indicate that the NSA has set up specific working groups to deal with each operating system, with the goal of gaining secret access to the data held on the phones.

In the internal documents, experts boast about successful access to iPhone data in instances where the NSA is able to infiltrate the computer a person uses to sync their iPhone. Mini-programs, so-called “scripts,” then enable additional access to at least 38 iPhone features.

The documents suggest the intelligence specialists have also had similar success in hacking into BlackBerrys. A 2009 NSA document states that it can “see and read SMS traffic.” It also notes there was a period in 2009 when the NSA was temporarily unable to access BlackBerry devices. After the Canadian company acquired another firm, it changed the way in compresses its data. But in March 2010, the department responsible declared it had regained access to BlackBerry data and celebrated with the word, “champagne!” Source: Spiegel Online

Just when the NSA is banking on a waning public interest, Spiegel had to drop this so-called bomb, but is anyone surprised? If they can tap into your email, then wouldn’t the smart phone be the next logical thing? I am not saying it’s right.