Actor James Woods Calls President Obama a 'True Abomination'
Actor James Woods Calls President Obama a ‘True Abomination’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Actor James Woods doesn’t expect to ever work again in Hollywood after calling President Obama “an abomination” during a Twitter rant. He won’t have to remind me twice never to patronize any movie he appears in.

I guess he didn’t see the myriad of polls blanketing the airwaves that show the Republican Party bearing the brunt of the public outrage over the Tea Party-engineered government shutdown.

Woods placed the onus on the stalemate on Obama’s doorstep, while criticizing him for other problems such as race relations and gun violence. Um, he sounds like a more reserved version of Ted Nugent.

He also said the remarks might keep him from being able to find a job in Hollywood, but that he put “[his] country first.” Yeah whatever, Mr. 1 Percent. If he hates the president so badly, why not pack up and move to another country? With the way the Republican Party is imploding over its botched Obamacare defunding campaign, Hillary Clinton may be the next president, so I guess he should cut his losses and hit the road now.

Here are some of his tweets: