BOW:  House GOP Mulls Voting 1st on Senate Deal to End Shutdown, Lift Debt Ceiling
BOW: House GOP  Leadership Mulls Voting 1st on Senate Deal to End Shutdown, Lift Debt Ceiling

GOP BROWN-SHIRTS BOWING TO OBAMA:  House GOP leadership considering voting first on Senate deal to reopen US government and lift debt ceiling. Politico reports that such a move would speed-up the bipartisan deal developed by Sens. Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell. Talk about a complete and unconditional surrender of the Tea Party. They have cost this country millions in the past three weeks and all over defunding a piece of legislation they couldn’t derail.

If the House passes the bill first and sends it to the upper chamber, it would eliminate some burdensome procedural hurdles in the Senate and require just one procedural roll call with a 60-vote threshold needed to advance the bill toward final passage in the Senate.


The bill will barely scathe Obamacare, however, and putting it on the floor will mark a huge concession by the House after sparking a 16-day government shutdown over insistence that the health care law be defunded or delayed as a condition to keep the government open. Dozens of conservatives in the House will be disappointed by the proposal and House Speaker John Boehner will need Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to deliver a bevy of votes to pass the bill. Meanwhile Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) haven’t divulged whether they might hold up the bill in the Senate. Source: Politico

Um, let’s see if Sen. Ted Cruz and his Teahadists will hold up the bill on the Senate floor and push us into default. They are a disgrace to the political process in this country. They should be ostracized, not embraced. Thanks to them, a ‘Democratic wave’ is a real possibility come 2014. This all comes as the Houston Chronicle yanks its endorsement of Ted Cruz. So much for his presidential ass-pirations!