Conrado Juarez Confesses to Sexual Assault, Murder of Angelica Castillo AKA Baby Hope
Conrado Juarez Confesses to Sexual Assault, Murder of Anjelica Castillo AKA Baby Hope

BREAKING:  Conrado Juarez arrested in the murder of Baby Hope, whose real name is Anjelica Castillo. NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Juarez’s sister, Balbena Ramirez, who is deceased, helped him dispose of her body in the cooler. 

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced Saturday that Conrado Juarez told police that when Anjelica Castillo, who happened to be his cousin, stopped moving, he called his sister into the room. She then instructed him to get rid of the child’s body, even furnishing him with a cooler. They then stuffed the child’s beaten body into the cooler, covered it with soda cans and then took a cab from the Bronx to upper Manhattan to dispose of her like garbage.

Anjelica Castillo’s decomposing body was discovered by construction workers July 23, 1991, off the Henry Hudson Parkway, NBC New York reports. Conrado Juarez, who is married, was working as a dishwasher.