Did the House GOP Just Hand Hillary Clinton White House in 2016?
Did the House GOP Just Hand Hillary Clinton White House in 2016? (Photo credit: Donkey Hotey)

Bill Clinton must be salivating at the prospects of his wife becoming the next president of the United States. The stunning implosion of the Republican Party and the inability of the Teahadists to recognize that they literally brought this country to its knees over a law, plus shaved billions off the economy and caused real hardship in many homes across the country for 16 days, is enough to have a real impact at the polls come 2014 and 2016.

Michael Hirsh: “In the innermost sanctum of Clintonland, it is difficult to imagine that Hillary and Bill, two of the savviest politicians in the country, are not pinching themselves to make sure that it’s all real. Perhaps they’re dancing a jig together, or knocking back shots and howling at the moon out of sheer, giddy joy at their good luck. (OK, Hillary’s not howling, but Bill might be.) Or maybe they are just quietly kvelling over the latest turn of events.”

“Because the trend lines are unmistakable, and they’re looking better all the time: If she wants to run in 2016, Hillary Rodham Clinton could have the easiest walk into the White House of any candidate in either party since, well, one has to go back a very long way. Maybe to Reagan in ’84. LBJ in ’64, or Eisenhower in ’52, or even FDR in 1932, 1936 and 1940. The presidency is looking like it’s hers to lose, more than ever.”

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