Michael Eric Dyson Rips Mary Matalin for 'Amnesia' After Cheney Branded Mandela a 'Terrorist'
Michael Eric Dyson Rips Mary Matalin for ‘Amnesia’ After Cheney Branded Mandela a ‘Terrorist’ (Screengrab from This Week)

Right wing strategist Mary Matalin is playing dumb over Dick Cheney branded Nelson Mandela a terrorist. I might also add, he was against MLK holiday. Shows the character of this man, who was a heartbeat away from the presidency. Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson ripped into Matalin, who was a former aide to Dick Cheney, after she defended him for branding Mandela as a terrorist in the 1980s.  Actually, as recent as the 2000s, Dick Cheney didn’t seem to have a problem with his vote.

On ABC’s This Week, Dyson observed that “conservatives get a little bit of amnesia when they forget that Dick Cheney wanted to put him on the terrorist list and insisted that he stayed there, that Ronald Reagan resisted — he said on the one hand that Nelson Mandela should be released, but he depended upon a white supremacist government to reform itself within.”

“When will you ever get tired of beating up on Darth Vader, who said Nelson Mandela is a good man,” Matalin shot back, referring to Cheney. “It was a complicated situation, the ANC was a terrorist organization at one point. He has since said wonderful things about Nelson Mandela.”

“But when you say about excusing Darth Vader, so to speak, this is not just about rhetoric,” Dyson insisted to the former Cheney aide. “This is about public policy that prevented the flourishing of ANC, and look, when they had the feet on the neck of Nelson Mandela and millions of black people in South Africa.” Source: Raw Story