Texas Deputy Daniel Willis Fatally Shoots Unarmed Black Woman Yvette Smith
Bastrop Deputy Daniel Willis Fatally Shoots Unarmed Black Woman Yvette Smith

A Texas police officer shot and killed an unarmed woman, Yvette Smith, last Sunday after she answered the door at her home. The Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office retracted the initial statement that Smith had a gun when officers fatally shot her. It seems that the Deputy Daniel Willis lied in his initial statement.

Bastrop County law enforcement officials initially said Yvette Smith, 48, answered the door with a firearm in her hand when police responded to calls about her boyfriend and his son, who were arguing about a gun that was at another location.

Neighbors are now speaking out and an investigation has been launched into the fatal shooting. Deputy Willis claimed in his original statement that he was forced to shoot Smith after she continued to disobey orders. The latest statement from police said they were never able to confirm she had a gun in her hand nor that a gun was located at the scene.

Residents in the low-income neighborhood are questioning whether race and socio-economic status played a role in Yvette Smith’s shooting. Anthony Bell, Smith’s 25-year-old son, said “If they had went to Hunters Crossing or Tahitian Village or a nicer subdivision, they wouldn’t have been so hostile.” Deputy¬†Willis has been placed on administrative leave.

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