Rapper Nicki Minaj Disrespected Malcolm X with "Lookin Ass N*gga" Artwork
Rapper Nicki Minaj Disrespected Malcolm X with “Lookin Ass N*gga” Artwork

Ilyasah Shabazz, daughter of civil rights icon Malcolm X, slammed rapper Nicki Minaj for her use of his likeness for her latest single, “Lookin Ass N*gga.” The pop star has since apologized and removed the offensive artwork from her social media sites.

Ilyasah Shabazz told the NY Daily News, “Ms. Minaj’s artwork for her single does not depict the truth of Malcolm X’s legacy, is completely disrespectful, and in no way is endorsed by my family.”

Shabazz also said, “It is our family’s hope that the true legacy and context of Malcolm X’s life continues to be shared with people from all walks of life in a positive manner that helps promote the goals and ideals for which Malcolm X so passionately advocated.” The artwork features an iconic image of Malcolm X standing at a window and holding a M1 Carbine for Ebony Magazine.

I would urge Nicki Minaj to pick up a book about Malcolm X and read about his experiences and beliefs. While she’s at it, may I also suggest “Eyes on the Prize,” which chronicles the civil rights movement. I am tired of this younger generation trampling over the legacy of our civil rights leaders who fought that they could have an easier life. Lil Wayne denigrated the legacy of Emmett Till in a raunchy rap song. He was forced to apologize.

The fact is that the real enemy of Black America aren’t just racist white people, but black-owned companies like Cash Money Records, hellbent on black self-destruction.