'Reid Report' Debuts to Little Fanfare Unlike 'Ronan Farrow Daily," Is it Due to Racism or Sexism?
‘Reid Report’ Debuts to Little Fanfare Unlike ‘Ronan Farrow Daily,” Is it Due to Racism or Sexism?

Where’s the media love for MSNBC’s newest host Joy Reid? Compared to Ronan Farrow, who has zero journalism experience, the fanfare over Joy Reid’s new show, “The Reid Report,” has been virtually non-existent. Um, white privilege? Or sexism? Ronan Farrow’s show got a lot of media buzz, getting a ton of rave reviews. Not so for Joy Ann Reid.

Joy Reid has far more credentials and experience than Ronan Farrow. I hate to pull the race and gender cards, ┬ábut it sounds a lot like Joy Reid was underwhelming for just that — race and gender.

Ronan Farrow, 26, even made it to the top of Forbes “30 Under 30” most influential people in law and policy. He’s one of the youngest hosts on any cable news networks to-date. It’s so unfair that someone is offered a show on a major network just because of his tweets. MSNBC President Phil Griffin gave Farrow the position just because he liked his tweets.

Phil Griffin said, “I started following him on Twitter and loved the way he talked about things.” “Within 20 minutes I wanted to hire him. He’s got it.” So much for gaining experience the old fashioned way in the journalism field. You can just tweet your way to a show. If you’re white and come from a famous family, that it.

I might also add that the “Ronan Farrow Daily” earned the lowest number of viewers on MSNBC, behind Fox and HLN. His numbers, 216K, were similar to that of Joy Ann Reid’s among the key demographic , 25-54 age group.