Ex-White House Aide: Michelle Obama Turned East Wing into "Worst Wing"
Ex-White House Aide Reid Cherlin: Michelle Obama Turned East Wing into “Worst Wing”

Not only are the right wing throwing shade on First Lady Michelle Obama for her China trip (#FLOTUSinChina), a former aide is also throwing shade on FLOTUS.

Reid Cherlin, a former assistant press secretary to Mrs. Obama, wrote in The New Republic that working in the East Wing of the White House has become the “worst wing.” Oh my.

Cherlin wrote, “Perhaps no first lady in recent memory has entered the stately recesses of the East Wing under a higher burden of expectation than Michelle Obama.” He also noted that the strains on the first lady placed great burdens on her communications staff. He said he and his co-workers were unprepared for how hard the work would become and that FLOTUS’ office had evolved into a “confining, frustrating, even miserable place to work.”

Cherlin wrote that staffers were able to gauge their value to the office based on how often they were granted access to meet with her directly. He said, when a staffer was invited to attend a meeting with Michelle Obama, it became a “vital status symbol, a way for staffers to measure their worth.”

Um, so I am guessing Reid Cherlin wasn’t one of those staffers who got one-on-one meetings with Michelle Obama, hence the shade being thrown, right?

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