Pentagon to Triple Cybersecurity Personnel to Counter Cyberattacks
Pentagon to Triple Cybersecurity Personnel to Counter Cyberattacks (Credit: Wikipedia)

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the Pentagon plans to triple its cybersecurity personnel over the next several years to bolster US national security.

Hagel, who spoke at the first-ever live broadcast from the National Security Agency’s headquarters in Fort Meade, Md., said there’s an ongoing campaign to recruit civilians and encourage military personnel to retrain for the “cyber professional” openings, which is expected to reach 1,800 by the end of 2014 and 6,000 by 2016.

Chuck Hagel said, “The Department of Defense is on its way to building a modern cyberforce. This force is enhancing our ability to deter aggression in cyberspace, deny adversaries their objectives, and defend the nation from cyberattacks that threaten our national security.”

“Our nation’s reliance on cyberspace outpaces our cybersecurity.” “Our nation confronts the proliferation of destructive malware and a new reality of steady, ongoing and aggressive efforts to probe, access or disrupt public and private networks, and the industrial control systems that manage our water, and our energy and our food supplies.”

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