Sen. Rand Paul Pulls Race Card Over President Obama's Lack of Concern Over NSA Spying
Sen. Rand Paul Pulls Race Card Over President Obama’s Lack of Concern Over NSA Spying

Wow, nothing like a privileged white man telling a black man how he should think.  Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Rand Paul invokes President Obama’s race to explain why he should have been more concerned about the National Security Agency spying on Americans.

In an interview with The New York Times, which was published on Wednesday, Sen. Paul said, “The first African-American president ought to be a little more conscious of the fact of what has happened with the abuses of domestic spying.” 

Paul continued, “Martin Luther King was spied upon, civil rights leaders were spied upon, Muhammad Ali was spied upon, antiwar protesters were spied upon.”“The possibility for abuse in this is incredible. So I don’t care if there’s never been any evidence of abuse with the N.S.A., they should not be collecting the data.”

This is the same guy who tried to rewrite the whole civil rights era during a speech at Howard University, which quickly became a PR nightmare.

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