Champagne Celebration as Obamacare Enrollments Surpass 7 Million Mark
Champagne Celebration as Obamacare Enrollments Surpasses 7 Million Mark (Credit: White House/Pete Souza)

Enrollments for the Affordable Care Act (known as Obamacare) hit “at least” 7.041 million through midnight last night and yes, there was some celebrating — with champagne, according to April Ryan:

At 12:01 AM, White House Chief Technology Officer Todd Park acknowledged to QSSI, the Columbia, Maryland firm tasked with fixing that the ACA enrollments have surpassed the 7 million mark.

Park and QSSI employees celebrated with champagne after the early morning announcement in the lobby of the building as they are not allowed to drink alcohol in the offices at QSSI.   Park led the countdown into the end of the enrollment deadline and preceded with a speech to the workers where he acknowledged a the number set out by CBO was surpassed.

Park said “Everyone thought that was impossible…you actually exceeded the seven million goal.”

President Obama is also in a celebratory mood as well. The White House tweeted a photograph of the president receiving the update in the Oval Office. Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius also said 80 to 90 percent of enrollees have already paid their premiums.

Um, right wing heads are exploding over Obama’s ‘victory.’ Fox News, in particular, is putting out all kinds of smears to justify their position. Charles Krauthammer calls the seven million figure “phony.”  Really? Whatever…Obamacare is here to stay.

“These numbers that they are touting are phony numbers… That’s like saying anybody who goes on Amazon, orders a nifty stereo set, puts it in the shopping cart, has purchased the stereo set. I assure you it’s not going to show up at your house until you pay for it.”

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