Controversy Erupts Over Michelle Obama's Commencement Speech at Topeka High School
Controversy Erupts Over Michelle Obama’s Commencement Speech at Topeka High School

Controversy has erupted over First Lady Michelle Obama’s planned commencement speech at Topeka High School, with even an online petition being circulated to derail her appearance.

Let’s be clear, the furor isn’t simply over the Mrs. Obama visiting the school, but the fact that her appearance will significantly impact the number of seats available for the family and friends of the graduating students.

Some are also upset that the First Lady’s speech is tied to the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Brown v. Board of Education that banned segregation in schools. The students don’t want this to overshadow their big day.

Student Taylor Gifford, 18, started an online petition urging the district to reconsider its plans. The petition has received over 1,200 signatures. She said her initial reaction was excitement when she learned the First Lady would be appearing at Topeka High School but became concerned when rumors surfaced of limited tickets.


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