Sean Hannity: Cliven Bundy's Comments on Blacks and Slavery "Beyond Repugnant"
Sean Hannity: Cliven Bundy’s Comments on Blacks and Slavery “Beyond Repugnant” (Credit: Wikipedia)

Nevada cattle squatter Cliven Bundy’s strongest advocate, Sean Hannity, vehemently expressed his disgust at his remarks about slavery. Hannity said Bundy’s comments “are beyond repugnant to me. They are beyond despicable to me. They are beyond ignorant to me.” This is coming from the same person who had no issues with Bundy’s pals pointing weapons at federal agents.

Of course, he also blamed Democrats who would use Cliven Bundy’s comments to attack Republicans. Um, gee, really? Not even 48 hours ago they were calling him a hero. That’s as if conservatives would jump all over Democrats who support someone who made such a blunder.

Hannity railed, “They want to say that conservatives are racist. Conservatives hate women. Conservatives want old people to die, granny over the cliff. They want the young people to fend for themselves. They want to poison the air and poison the water.” Um, yeah….there are racist conservatives and some who hate women, etc.

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