Bryan Fischer: Anti-Gay Activists Need to "Reclaim the Word Discrimination"
Bryan Fischer: Anti-Gay Activists Need to “Reclaim the Word Discrimination”

Evangelical wingnut Bryan Fischer says anti-gay activists need to “reclaim the word discrimination.” Adding, “I suppose, like they need to reclaim rainbows. In other words, the American Family Association’s director believes discrimination is a good thing:

 Discrimination, when it comes to sexual behavior is not bad, it is good, and it is necessary. The alternative is utter social chaos. So [it’s] time, ladies and gentlemen, to reclaim the discrimination word when it comes to sexual matters. It’s not bad; it’s good. It’s a virtue and it’s necessary.

He also adds:

Discrimination is not a bad word. The left has turned discrimination into a bad word.

Never mind the fact that the America has a dark past of slavery and racial discrimination, of which the latter is still occurring, albeit with less frequency. I would venture to say, the word Bryan Fischer needs to reclaim is shame.